What is Clinic SEO? And Why Clinic needs SEO to Grow The Revenue to at least RM80k/month.

June 18, 2024

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In this blog article, we will discuss how Clinic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will help you boost your clinic’s online presence organically.

Have you ever wondered why despite pushing for reviews for your clinic, you still struggle to appear at the top of search rankings when people search for keywords like ‘clinic near me’, ‘klinik near me’, ‘klinik cheras’ or other relevant keywords?

The answer is simple: you need SEO.

While reviews are important signals to Google that your business is legitimate and provides excellent services, they alone cannot guarantee a top search ranking.

This is evident in cases where one of the clinic, before becoming our client, had over 800 reviews but still failed to secure a prominent position in search results.

This is where SEO comes into play…

In this article, we will delve deeper into the world of SEO.

We will explore what SEO is, why your clinic needs it, the numerous benefits it offers, and most importantly, how you can conduct SEO for your clinic.

So, let’s dive in and uncover the power of SEO for your clinic!

What is a Clinic SEO?

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a powerful strategy that aims to optimize the search engine ranking of your clinic’s brand.

The goal is to ensure that your clinic appears at the top of search results, making it easily discoverable for potential patients online.

Implementing effective SEO techniques for your clinic is crucial in improving its online visibility.

Optimize Clinic’s online presence with SEO

Whether through your website or Google My Business profile, optimizing various elements of your online presence increases the chances of your clinic being found by people searching for healthcare services in your area.

To add, with successful implantation of SEO for your clinic, you can outshine your local competitors and attract more patients.

Achieving a top position in search engine results establishes your clinic as a trusted and reputable healthcare provider in your local area.

SEO is a long-term effort

Keep in mind that clinic SEO requires ongoing effort rather than a one-off job.

It involves implementing various strategies, including keyword optimization, content creation, local SEO, and link building, to continually improve your clinic’s online presence and visibility.

Understanding what is SEO might not be enough to motivate you as a clinic owner to execute SEO strategy for your clinic.

Now, let’s find the reasons of why your clinic need SEO to survive in this competitive clinic business landscape in Malaysia.

Why Clinic need SEO?

Before we jumped into the real topic for this section, here’s some fact that you might want to know:

  • Every single day, Google receives an astounding number of approximately 8.5 billion searches worldwide.
  • In Malaysia, a staggering 97% of all searches take place on Google.

These numbers alone highlight the importance of establishing a strong online presence, particularly on Google, in today’s digital landscape.

Google as the Main Source of Information

People heavily rely on Google to discover places of interest and locate essential places, such as your clinic, where they can receive the medical attention they require.

If your clinic fails to make its mark on Google, you’re missing out on a significant influx of potential patients.

That’s precisely why implementing a robust SEO strategy for your clinic is absolutely crucial.

Traffic Converts into Revenue for your Clinic

The right SEO approach can pave the way for revenue growth, primarily driven by the patients who discover your clinic through Google.

I highly recommend conducting an SEO audit for your clinic, assessing its current standing on Google.

By doing so, clinics can take necessary actions to enhance their SEO rankings, ensuring they seize the countless opportunities that await them in the realm of search engine visibility.

What is the benefit of SEO for Clinics?

We can spend all day long to talk about the benefit of SEO for the clinics. However, in this post, we will only cover the top 3 benefits of SEO to clinics.

1) Appear Online

SEO is like a powerful engine that pushes your clinic’s name to the top of search results, whether people are searching for your clinic specifically or for the services you provide in general.

Let’s take FOMEMA services as an example.

If you want to rank for keywords like “FOMEMA service near me,” by strategically placing these keywords on your web pages and blog content can put you right in front of those searching for such services on Google.

To expand on that idea, choosing the right keyword to target is essential to attract the right patients to your clinic.

The beauty of SEO lies in its ability to capitalize on high-volume keywords that are relevant to your clinic and location. When you optimize your website or GMB for high-volume keywords, you can (or should) attract high volume of traffic as well. It’s all about numbers.


Not just any traffic, but highly targeted individuals who are actively seeking the services you offer. These individuals can then be converted into loyal patients for your clinic in the future.

2) Save Marketing Budget in the long run

One of the most important aspect to know is that SEO is a long term game, where you can’t see its benefits for atleast the first 6 months, especially if your website is very new and the keywords chosen are difficult.

However, if you are consistent on putting out contents from your website, Google will start pick you up as an authority in that particular topic, and bring your content up to the ranking to showcase to more people online.

As you gain traction, you require less marketing budget to spend on Ads since mostly will come to your website organically through SEO.

3) Targetted Traffic

People who search in Google are normally having the intention of carry out the action needed next of the search terms they are looking for.

For example, if people are searching for ‘Xray in Shah Alam’, they are more hypertargeted audience where if you craft content related to that topic, and if your website ranks for that term, you will convert those audience who are seeking for that specific service to become your patients.

How To Do SEO for clinic?

When it comes to SEO for clinics, taking a specialized approach is essential. By understanding the unique needs of clinic clients I’ve worked with, I’ve discovered specific areas that can significantly enhance their online presence.

Focus on Local SEO

To begin, let’s focus on the local aspect.

Clinics rely heavily on their neighborhood areas for a steady stream of customers. By tailoring strategies to connect with the right audience in their vicinity, I’ve witnessed the profound impact it can have.

So, how do we execute Local SEO effectively?

Comprehensive keyword research is crucial.

By identifying the most frequently searched terms in your local area, such as ‘ultrasound ampang,’ ‘vaccine bukit jalil,’ or ‘xray taman kosas,’ you can create content that resonates with your target audience.

Keep the Content Natural

It’s important to strike a balance in content creation. A natural writing style that provides valuable information is key.

By strategically incorporating keywords within your content, you can effectively communicate your clinic’s expertise without compromising the reading experience.

One aspect I’ve observed while working with clinic clients is the significance of publishing authoritative content.

Establishing your clinic as a trusted source in your specific domain is crucial.

Google evaluates expertise, authoritativeness, experience, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) when assessing websites.

By sharing valuable and authoritative content on your clinic’s website, you can demonstrate your clinic’s expertise to both Google and potential patients.

Now, let’s explore content sharing.

Sharing The Content

Next is to leverage various platforms, including social media, to drive substantial traffic to your website or blog content.

By promoting your content across social media channels, you can engage with a broader audience and encourage them to explore your website.

This, in turn, signals to Google that your content is relevant and valuable.

Increasing session length and reducing bounce rates can significantly impact your website’s ranking.


So, in general Clinic SEO plays a vital role in bring organic traffic to your clinic’s website and by converting them through a highly optimized website, they can be your life-long patients. The opportunity is there, however, you as the clinic owners should grab the chances of getting your website properly done and conduct SEO best practices to ensure you get the right amount of traffic for your clinic.

Online presence is a very important factor nowadays to maintain competitive in the clinic business. Having SEO done for your clinic may catapult your online presence and allow your potential customer to find you easily in the internet.

Make sure you prioritise SEO as part of your marketing strategy, and allow some budget to put into it, since as you read this article, you understand that SEO plays a very crucial role long term to bring you traffic and potential patients consistently in the long run.

Do you need to audit your online presence?

Contact us today so we can assess your online presence for 100% FREE and boost your clinic’s revenue today!

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