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We are an AI-powered healthcare web design agency that works exclusively with clinics to enhance their online branding, build trust, and attract patients beyond their local area.
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Growing Clinics Beyond Local Areas with AI.

At Lamanify, we are dedicated to transforming healthcare through our exclusive focus on web design for clinics. By leveraging cutting-edge AI-powered solutions, we grow your clinic's online brand awareness, enhancing SEO to connect you with patients beyond your local area.

Our commitment to comprehensive online branding ensures that your clinic stands out with a professional, trustworthy image, attracting and retaining patients. Our mission is clear; to make a significant impact in the patient world by extending your clinic's reach and enhancing lives.


Creating Awareness Beyond The Local Area.

Expand your clinic's reach and attract more patients with AI-powered website & SEO solutions. Explore our portfolio to see how we've transformed clinics' online presence and made a significant impact beyond their local areas.

A Complete Healthcare Digital Marketing Services

healthcare digital marketing services

Customized Website Design

We create a medical website design that converts your audience into loyal patients. A website that showcases all your clinical expertise and 'WOW' them with all your advanced technology and method used to service your patients. A web design for clinic service that integrates well with Google Ads, Facebook Ads and all other advertistment platforms.

Web Copywriting Service

We understand that handling a clinic business while ensuring some one is working on a good marketing materials to showcase your clinic's expertise might be difficult. Your clinic barely survives with the existing overheads. This is where we come in. We provide an excellent copywriting service that converts cold audiences into raving fan of your clinic.

Google Ads

Drive traffic to your website and convert them becoming customers should be your priority in digital marketing. However, getting them organically convert through SEO might not a valid option, especially those who just about to start the business. Therefore, Google Ads is your best bet to bring flock of traffics to your website and through good copywritings, converting them becoming your customers.

Facebook Ads

Capture the attention of cold audiences on Facebook & Instagram through beautiful photo of your clinic, before and after photos, and all the expertise that you have. Facebook Ads provides the best options to showcase everything that you have to build trust and community surrounding your clinic business.

Search Engine Optimization

We've got a special SEO service just for clinics. It's not your average SEO stuff. We'll boost your clinic's online presence, make you more credible, show up in Google Search and rank high in the Local Search engine. You'll shoot up the Google rankings, and have awesome content posted every week, and we'll even register your websites to credible online directories.

Reputation Management

We understand the importance of online reviews in attracting new patients and referrals. Your reputation is your most valuable asset, and we're here to protect it. Our comprehensive reputation management service goes the extra mile to monitor review sites, ensuring positive reviews take center stage while minimizing the impact of any negative ones.


Grow Your Clinic's Online Presence.

Get the latest news & tips for the digital marketing world.
We shape opportunities across the digital landscape for clinics. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, we strive to elevate your patients' online experiences, transcending the boundaries of traditional web design for the medical line.
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